January 2nd 2020 Today I cooked the most proper dinner I have done so far in my new flat. I actually took the time and effort, which is not something I’ve really bothered with yet. It was my classic Kingsdown chicken, and I even went to the effort of making the sticky rice look all fancy and that. I said yesterday that I’d forgotten that I was supposed to learn a new skill in 2019, and cooking was as close as I came. But maybe I’ll commit properly in 2020. Now I’ve got my own flat, and my own kitchen, … Continue reading Skill


January 1st 2020 Todayis five years since I started this daily blog. Congrats everyone, we made it. On all but one day of the last five years I’ve written a blog post detailing what happened on that particular day. Sometimes the blog posts happen past midnight, so you could say that they no longer count for ‘that day’, but I make the rules so shut up. As long as I do one by the time I go to sleep that ‘day’, then it counts. And only once have I missed that. I didn’t even have a particularly good reason for … Continue reading Focus


December 28th 2019 Today I made some uncharacteristically good life choices and decided to stay at home watching Netflix on the sofa while I left my phone unanswered on the floor upstairs. I was avoiding both digital dependency and two distinct conversations that I didn’t want to have. Instead, I had Budweiser, Bailey’s, and the first five episodes of Mr Robot. Also, the last five episodes of You Season Two. It has not been a hugely productive day, but that was kind of the idea. I drive back to Cheltenham tomorrow, which will conclude my Christmas break. I got to … Continue reading Choices