April 11th 2021 Today, on my 343rd day of running 5k every day, here’s a list of reasons why 343 is my favourite number. Fair warning, none of this is going to be interesting to anyone other than me, so feel free to skip this post and check back tomorrow. 343 is the only 3-digit cubic palindrome. This 5k every day thing, has me running 7 days a week, for 3 miles a day. 73 = 343. 343 is a nice Friedman number, meaning it can be expressed in an equation using all its own digits in order, in combination … Continue reading Cubic


October 6th 2020 Today the Cheltenham Harriers crashed my run and made me feel inferior as hell. Bastards. I’m 155 days into my streak of running 5k every day (which is like, quite impressive, right?) and this evening I was just running my route up to and around Pittville Park like I always do and suddenly literally a fucking hundred runners come speeding past me. I’m assuming it was the Cheltenham Harriers (which is a local athletics club, if that wasn’t obvious) because they’re all fast as fuck. There I was, running at my 5 min/km pace, and 100 of … Continue reading Harriers