February 9th 2016 Today I downloaded an app called ‘Been’ that allows you to track/tick-off which countries you’ve visited. My ‘been’ map looked like this.     My interrail trip around Europe this summer made a decent dent into Europe, … Continue reading Been


October 29th 2015 Today we spent our last day in Barcelona at the zoo. But I’ve already written three blog posts about zoo’s in the past two months so I’m not going to write about zoo’s again.  Today being our last day in Barcelona also indicates that our trip is over.  We have no where new to go. From here, tomorrow, we travel back to Paris. We stay there for two nights, and hit Disneyland on the day in between. And that’s going to be brilliant, but it’s back in Paris. Where we started this trip.  The trip has thus … Continue reading End


October 28th 2015 Today, sorry Mum, but I’ve decided I’m staying in Barcelona and I’m not coming home and you can’t make me okay.  Good.  I just love it here.  There’s everything.  There’s more shops than I would ever have time to go in to, there’s a zoo, there’s endless museums, an abundance of history and beauty and architecture, and it’s not just a city there’s a beach and a mountain, and there’s a port with loads of boats, and I have this weird thing where I really like long straigh roads and there’s just LOADS of them here.  I … Continue reading Barcelona


October 26th 2015 Today I travelled to mainland Spain for the first time in my life.  I’ve been to the islands, Ibiza, Tenerife, the other ones whose names I cannot remember. And I’ve just realised I’ve already lied to you in that first sentence. Because I’ve been to mainland Spain before. After my ski trip in January we got a bus from Andorra to Barcelona airport. I slept the entire way and woke up as we arrived at the airport. So I guess the more accurate thing to say would be “I was awake in mainland Spain for the first … Continue reading Mainland


October 25th 2015 Today we went to a free zoo.  Let me reword that for emphasis.  A zoo, that was free.  And you’d expect that to mean a field with a couple of horses in it, but honestly it was pretty brilliant considering it was free. There was lions, rhinos, bears, leopards, hyenas, wolves, and all the fun stuff.  To begin with it was a bit “I see why this is free, because I don’t see any animals.” But I think that was just because it was the hottest point of the day and the wolves were off sleeping somewhere. … Continue reading Exploit