April 10th 2015 Today I spent an hour and £11 in an amusement arcade trying to win a stuffed Elsa toy from a grabber-machine. On a related note, I spent an hour and £11 in an amusement arcade failing to win a stuffed Elsa toy from a grabber-machine.  I couldn’t stop. I didn’t stop until I ran out of money.  And I’m angry about it. Firstly I’m angry because I spent £11 in an amusement arcade.  Second I’m angry I spent £11 in an amusement arcade and came out with nothing to show for it.  Thirdly I’m angry that I … Continue reading Grab


April 9th 2015 Today I walked further, farther and more frequently than I have done in a while. (Probably not, but I like the alliteration) We walked up and down a cliff face at a place called ‘Durdle Door’ which isn’t a province in the Lord Of The Rings nor is it a professor in Harry Potter, but is in fact a hole in a cliff face formed through thousands of years of waves smashing against it.  If I remember anything from year 9 Geography (and I remember very little) that’s called erosion.  It’s more picturesque than I’ve just described … Continue reading Pebble


April 6th 2015 Today I spent some time on the beach. An act that isn’t particularly surprising considering I’m on a holiday in a town by the sea.  The thing about beaches, and get this, is that they’re full of sand.  And I don’t particularly like sand that much. In fact, I dislike it. But, because I’m a massive hypocrite, I also like it.  This is normally how it goes: I go to the beach, do my hardest not to get any sand in, on or around me, and then when I inevitably do end up with sand on my … Continue reading Sand