February 27th 2022 Today I had a joyful afternoon outside. After lounging about and wasting most the morning, I convinced myself to walk into town as I needed to buy some coffee beans. On the way, I passed my favourite coffee place (The Scandinavian Coffee Pod), and popped in to get a flat white for the road. I could’ve bought beans from there, but this place was too close to my house, and I wanted to continue walking in the bright — but brisk — February weather. On the way to my second favourite coffee place in Cheltenham (The Coffee … Continue reading Joyful


January 5th 2022 Today I’m reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits. I’m on a bit of a self-help wave this New Year, and this book was recommended to me by Instagram. There’s a cruel irony in there somewhere. It’s interesting. And also, it’s interesting because a few years ago I would not have been the kind of person who could have even finished reading some of these sentences, let alone the whole book. There’s a lot of self-aggrandising, LinkedIn Motivator, North Star Thinking type language in the book, which I am kind of excusing, because at least the topic is something … Continue reading Habits


February 22nd 2021 Today I’ve started reading again. Mostly, I just want to live in someone else’s world for a little bit. This world isn’t ideal right now, so I’ve headed for fiction as escapism. Right now I’m in the world of Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. I remember just before Christmas I bought myself a load of new books from a cozy used books store I found in my town, and then I never finished reading any of them because I got low-key kinda obsessed with playing chess. Oops. But for today, fiction. Vonnegut’s books are always slightly silly and surreal, … Continue reading Fiction