January 29th 2020 Today I am in San Francisco, having flown from London Heathrow this morning. Currently I’m eating an Empanada on the back pier of the ferry building, with a view of Bay Bridge. I landed in San Francisco at 2pm local time. By 4pm local time, I was through customs. Honestly, I’d happily take another 11 hour flight over standing in line for U.S. Border Control again. It was painful. People were rushing for missed flights, and cutting ahead. How decidedly un-British. Thankfully, I had 8 hours to kill so I wasn’t too worried about the time it … Continue reading Francisco


January 1st 2020 Todayis five years since I started this daily blog. Congrats everyone, we made it. On all but one day of the last five years I’ve written a blog post detailing what happened on that particular day. Sometimes the blog posts happen past midnight, so you could say that they no longer count for ‘that day’, but I make the rules so shut up. As long as I do one by the time I go to sleep that ‘day’, then it counts. And only once have I missed that. I didn’t even have a particularly good reason for … Continue reading Focus


October 5th 2018 Today I travelled home from a romantic, two-week holiday with my ex-girlfriend. Yeah, I know. We successfully spent two weeks on Skopelos together without A) killing each other or B) getting back together. Before we went away, … Continue reading Lost