May 20th 2016 Today, again, the weather restricted our activities in Dubrovnik.  One benefit of the storms, however, are the waves.  We sat underneath that castle from Game of Thrones (idk) and watched the waves smash against the rocks.  I … Continue reading Waves


October 22nd 2015 Today I’m in Montpellier, France. And for the first time since I was in Munich, Germany six weeks ago I am in a place that I have been to before.  Although, according to my mum I was less than two when we came to Montpellier so I do not in slightest bit remember it. That’s what’s so good about this trip, seeing new places. Places that I’d never normally have the opportunity to go to, or probably will again.  We realised yesterday that the accommodation we booked through airbnb doesn’t have wifi internet, or any internet. Which … Continue reading Accomodate