December 28th 2015  Today I had a lovely morning playing golf with my family, and then I had to go to work and had an awful evening serving food to twats.  It was the usual; prank calls, people ordering the wrong thing online then explaining how that was our fault, people not understanding that we don’t deliver and how the delivery branch of our company has nothing to do with us.  I’m just done with it, I’m done with that job. By the end of tomorrow I will have applied for five jobs. I need to get out. I can’t … Continue reading Done


December 25th 2015 Today it’s Christmas Day. Merry Christmas.  Today was wonderful. We had Christmas dinner with extended family, with everyone. With everyone leaning over the table to get parsnips, or stuffing, or cabbage (idk who would want cabbage but yeah)  And everyone was talking. And laughing. And eating.  And Christmas is wonderful. Here’s a picture.    I’m so tired. Gotta do it all again tomorrow.  I hope you had a good Christmas. A merry Christmas.  Until tomorrow, Feliz Navidad and all that.  Jacn  Continue reading Merry