May 6th 2019

Today I travelled to Oxfordshire to play a round of golf at Heythrop Park. It’s a pretty posh course, but we found a super duper deal to be able to play it for just £16. Though we also decided to hire a buggy to take us round, because it’s a pretty hilly course, and that cost us another £15 each. All in all though, 30-odd quid for a round at a posh course isn’t too bad.

It was probably one of my favourite courses I’ve played in the UK. You can tell that it was designed, and not just built. Someone actually put some thought into planning the course, they didn’t just drill 18 holes in a big field and put some flags in them like it seems is the case at some council courses.

As well as being nice, it was difficult, but that made it enjoyable. It was also probably the most enjoyable round of golf I’ve had in a long time, and that’s partly due to the fact that I actually played quite well, which was a shock considering I’ve not properly played since my golf membership ran out in March.

Well, I played well until like the 15th hole, at which point the fact that I got home at 6am last night caught up with me and I became super tired, and so did my swing.

Heythrop Park was definitely somewhere I’d play again.

Until tomorrow, maybe next time I’ll take my Dad.


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