July 17th 2016

Today I changed my Twitter bio from “Kid, you’ll move mountains” to “neurotic inhibitions of productivity” because I feel it more accurately represents the point I am at in my life.

I discovered the former, a Doctor Seuss quote, whilst reading the poem “Oh, the places you’ll go” I thought it summed up my situation pretty well. It is a quote full of hope, but it’s more than hope. It’s not “you might move mountains” or “you could probably move mountains of you tried” it’s straight up “you will move mountains” and because I have this narcissistic tendency to think that I am special, I applied it to my own life. And it served as a reminder that I’d get there one day.

Now I’m not so sure that I will.


I’ve just deleted everything else i’d written for the rest of this post because firstly, reading it back, it all just sounded stupid. And second, it’s nothing I’ve not said before. Work harder, James.

Instead of a manic depressive ramble about one of the things I hate about myself I’m just going to post some pretty pictures that I took in London today and go to bed.

Until tomorrow, you know the story.


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