August 2nd 2022

Today we experimented with Korean/Mexican fusion. Apparently that’s a thing. Did you know that’s a thing?

Last year Em bought me a book called… uhhhhh… someone… Judy Joo’s Korean Soul Food. That’s the one. Thanks Google.

Anyway, Em bought me a Korean cookbook which has a Mexican section. KO-Mex.

Also last week when we were in cardiff we had some rather great unauthentic tacos from La Pantera, so we thought we’d try our own.

So we had Korean Tacos.

Chicken marinated in soy sauce, mirin, ginger, garlic, salt and sugar. Fry it for a bit. Cook it for a bit. That’s the only actual bit of cooking required. Elsewise it’s just about what you serve it with. In this case:

Pickled red onion. Sliced red chilli. Spring onions. Parsley. Soured cream. Sriracha. Sesame seeds. Kale salad.

Basically this:

Until tomorrow, it was yum.


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