June 3rd 2019

Today I am packed and ready for my holiday to Ibiza. My decision to turn “shit shirt night” into “shit shirt week” has left my suitcase looking quite colourful, and fancifully floral.

I feel like I’ve not packed enough, for the sole reason that I still have room left in my bag, and the zip closes quite comfortably, and without excess force. And so I added a beach towel (by which I mean a bath towel, sorry Mum, I’ll leave it there if it gets ruined) just because I had room leftover after packing everything else.

“Everything else” is basically 4 shit shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 swimming trunks, a handful of t-shirts and a 2014 Chicago Bulls NBA jersey. Because why not. Also: underwear.

I don’t think that I’ll have forgotten anything, chiefly because there’s not much that I desperately need. I have a passport, a boarding pass, and prescription sunglasses. Everything else is secondary. I don’t technically have any euros to take with my yet, because I’m banking on Monzo’s declaration of “Your bank card will arrive between 4-6 June” to mean “Your bank card will arrive on 4 June”.

Monzo is a bank that allows you to use a debit card abroad with no additional charges. And I’m banking (that pun is intended, the first one wasn’t) on having my card delivered in time so that I don’t have to travel with a bunch of Euros, because that always makes me feel somewhat uneasy.

Until tomorrow, aside from that, I am Ibiza-ready.


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