June 12th 2019

Today I was calmed and placated by my commute playlist. I left work feeling highly stressed and highly strung, but by the time I got home after my hour-long-sing-a-long I’d forgotten all about it.

Sometimes that drive is a complete slog, but sometimes it’s really necessary to unwind between work and home. And emptying my lungs of breath singing along to my Spotify Daily Mix 4 was exactly what I needed today.

This evening my Daily Mix presented me with a bit of Sum 41, some Green Day, some MCR, and my all time favourite Paramore song. So I sung my little heart out and hoped that no-one was watching.

I sometimes sit in my car for a good ten minutes trying to find the perfect playlist to drive home to. It’s a big decision, because it can make or break your evening.

Until tomorrow, tonight was saved by Spotify.


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