August 24th 2020

Today I started to get stuff ready for Scotland. I’m driving up there this weekend with two of my best mates for a Sea Kayaking trip around the summer isles. Earlier this month Aaron tex thte group chat asking if we’d be keen, and I just replied “yes” without asking for details.

Covid has already cancelled two of my holidays already this year, so I’ve been dying to get away on another one. Plus, I feel kind of icky about flying anywhere, so driving to Scotland seemed like a perfect idea. And I haven’t been to Scotland since I was, like, 9 and my Dad was a lorry driver and I went up there with him for the night.

All in, it’s going to be an 11 hour drive, so we’re splitting it between the three of us. We’re all quite naturally underprepared, but moreso because we each have a “eh, it’ll work out” mentality, so I feel like we’re kind of winging it a bit. Those are often the best trips though.

We’re driving up on Wednesday, kayaking for two days, (hopefully climbing Ben Nevis) and then driving down to Edinburgh for a couple nights, before driving back home on Monday.

It’s gonna be a great trip, and I can’t wait to get out of the country (technically) for a few days.

Until tomorrow, I don’t have a raincoat at the moment though.


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