November 12th 2020

Today I had to do a Belbin assessment for a management training course I’m going on in a couple of weeks. They sent me some pre-course work to do, and one of the things was a Belbin assessment, which is like a personality test that puts you into one of nine categories for the type of team member you are.

It requires you to self-reflect and think critically about yourself and your habits. Which is hard to do when you’re as perfect as I am, right??? Hey look I did that thing I do where I deflect my self-consciousness with humour. I should have mentioned that in the test.

The test presents you with a series of questions, and then asks you to rate the given answers on how applicable they are to you. I haven’t been given by official results yet, but by the answers I gave to the questions, I can deduce my own conclusions:

  • It’s really important for me to be right
  • Everything has to be based on logic and facts
  • Because of this, I point out other people’s mistakes too much
  • I really like solving problems, and I’m good at it
  • I’m not a great teacher
  • I’d rather do something the right way than the quick way
  • That said, I get distracted easily and move on to the next thing before one thing is fully finished

Having read the descriptions of the team roles, I think this is probably the one that describes me the best:

I’m kind of okay with the ‘bad’ parts of that, because it’s not telling me anything I don’t already know about myself. I hope, though, that the bad parts don’t make me an absolute terror to work with. Actually, no, I don’t hope that. Because there are ‘bad’ traits that do people quite well in business. I know what I’m doing when I’m sometimes a bit of a dick. But sometimes you have to be a bit of a dick.

It’s not super important for me to be will-liked, but I do want to have the feeling that I’m doing a good job.

It’ll be interesting to see what the official results come back and say. The problem with these kinds of tests is that you can often tell what the test wants you to say, in order to push you down a certain path. But I tried to avoid not giving answers that would make me sound like a dick, if that makes sense. You have to be honest with it, because otherwise what’s the point.

Until tomorrow, we’ll see what they say.


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