May 14th 2019

Today’s blog is probably going to turn out to be about running again, so if that kind of thing bores you then feel free to close your browser and come back tomorrow where we’ll be talking about… probably running again, actually.

I signed up for the Swindon half marathon today. It’s happening in September — on my birthday, as it happens. So I guess I’m going to be spending my 26th birthday doing a 13 mile run around Swindon. Fun. For the last three years I’ve been on holiday for the week of my birthday (Dubrovnik, Rhodes and then Skopelos), but this year I’ll be running. Because that’s my life now, I guess.

Although it’s obviously a really inconvenient day, it’s otherwise actually quite good timing. Late September will give me a good few months of post-summer, training when the runs should get longer and slower after a summer spent chasing a 42 minute 10k time — or so goes my plan.

I don’t yet know what I want to commit to doing, time-wise, at the Swindon half. My personal best is 1hr 38 something, and that was just on a Monday lunchtime run. I’d like to think that in race conditions I could beat that by some distance. Or by some time, I guess. Because I won’t be doing any extra distance…


My penchant for round numbers draws me to a 1:30:00 target, but that’s perhaps ambitious. Though I do also have a penchant for palindromes, so perhaps 1:31:31, or even the palindromic prime 1:33:31.

…I’ve become distracted by numbers and lost where I was going, but in case you were wondering “Well why are you going for a 42 minute 10km if that is not round, prime, or palindromic?” then shame on you because you’re asking the wrong question.


Until tomorrow, this blog got weirdly numeric.


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