August 19th 2019

Today I am completely carless. And even more carless than I was yesterday. Three, maybe four weekends ago I was in a minor car accident that required my car to be fitted with a new bumper. Two, maybe three weeks ago I gave my car to a garage for it to be repaired. Since then, I’ve been driving round in a courtesy car. Yeah, that was two weeks ago, actually. Which means the other one was three weeks ago.


I got a call today saying that my car was finally repaired, and ready to be picked up. I asked, “what time can I come get it?” and she, the lady on the phone, said “any time today.” I mistakenly took her at her word and showed up at “any time today”, but, as you’ve probably already figured out, I was too late. They’d closed for the night by the time I got there at 17:30. My mistake for thinking that 17:30 still counts as ‘today’, I guess.

The guy from the rental car company — Enterprise, I don’t need to anonymise them, I guess — was with me, because I’d arranged to meet them there to swap their courtesy car for my actual car. That didn’t happen, and they’d already finalised my courtesy contract, so Enterprise just took me home.

So earlier today I had one car, there was a brief time when I had two cars, and now I have no cars. And I have to probably walk to the garage tomorrow to get my car, because I don’t have anyone that can take me.

Until tomorrow, what a pain.


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