October 5th 2019

Today I made a triumphant return to the kitchen with my signature noodle dish. I really should come up with a name for it, for it is the thing that I make most often that I am most proud of. Suggestions on a postcard please.

I’ve described it in detail before, so I will not do it again, though I will say that the only change I made today is that I boiled the mangetout instead of stir frying because I happened to have a pot of boiling water on the go because I may or may not have forgotten to buy two packets of Ready-To-Wok noodles and didn’t have enough for three portions, and so had to boil some non-Ready-To-Wok noodles of a different shape and consistency in order to have enough to go around. Okay I did do that.

What boiling the mangetout rather than stir frying it meant is that I could separate the colours a bit for style points when serving. See:

I basically added the mangetout on top of the noodles, put the chicken on top of the mangetout, and then dusted with toasted sesame seeds (don’t you dare ever forget about the toasted sesame seeds).

Having each layer separated just made it look a bit fancier on the plate, and that is worth like 50% of the taste anyway.

I called it a triumphant return because since my parents have got back from their summer trip travelling Europe, I’ve not been as active in the kitchen as I was whilst they were away. While they were gone, I was beginning to get into the swing of things, and finding my kitchen groove, so to speak, but that’s fallen off a bit since they’ve been back and Mum’s been cooking for me again.

So it was my turn to cook for us today, and they both really loved it.

Until tomorrow, it was a success all round.


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