October 16th 2019

Today I’m beginning to slip into bad habits again. For a while, I was pretty vigilant at sleeping at 10:30, waking at 7, cooking my traditional 2-egg-bagel-breakfast, and then leaving for work at 7:30. I was regularly hitting at least 4 breakfasts a week, but in the last couple weeks I’ve only had time in the morning once or twice. And that’s because I’ve been going to bed later, which has made me wake up later, which has caused me to skip breakfast, which has meant I get into work later, which means I’m later home from work, which often means I don’t end up cooking lunch to take with me the next day. Long sentence.

All of that is quite a bad habit to be in. Sleeping in is bad. Skipping breakfast is bad. Having to buy lunch every day is bad. I’d like to stop that, and so I’m going to. Tomorrow morning I’m going to be up nice and early and cook myself a breakfast. I didn’t make myself a lunch, so that’s gonna be missed again, but at least I can start the day with breakfast.

My egg bagel was becoming a tradition, and it was always a good way of getting me up in the morning, and ready to start the day. I basically just need to be out of bed by 7:30 for that to happen, and that’s becoming increasingly difficult as the mornings get darker, and colder, and so do I. (joke)

Until tomorrow, start the morning sunny side up.


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