April 17th 2021 Today I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park to see the animals, but mostly to see the people. Namely, my mum, my dad, my sister, and my niece, but unnamely, everyone else who showed up at the park. It was in some ways beautiful to be at a place with that many people not wearing masks. It was also in some ways unnerving to be at a place with that many people not wearing masks. Those two sentences, I feel, perfectly capture the feeling of the last few years. And so, as well as seeing the animals, it … Continue reading Observe


April 16th 2021 Today I’ve potentially booked three rounds of golf next weekend. I’ve learnt that I have a bunch of holiday days to use up by the end of May, so I may just take days off to play golf. I’m genuinely considering playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’m going to meet the Uni boys for a round Sunday, and maybe one other on Saturday, and then Friday I might take the day off and have a round by myself. There’s a local course I’m thinking about joining, and they offer you a free round if you enquire and … Continue reading Rounds


April 15th 2021 Today was pub day two. It was cold enough in the beer garden that I tucked my trousers into my socks to stay warm. The cold has not been a fun part of the return to pubs. I’m looking forward to being sat inside in the warmth again. Until tomorrow, it’s mostly just nice to be out though. Jacn Continue reading Tucked


April 13th 2021 Today I’m back to late nights. I’d got into a decent habit of falling asleep before 11pm, and that gave me enough sleep that I was set up well and energised the next day. I think what I was doing well before was unwinding just before bed with a book, rather than a screen. The book took my mind off real life, plus tired me out enough so that I could fall almost straight asleep. But if I’m watching a TV show before bed (currently The Good Doctor on Sky Witness) it takes a bit longer to … Continue reading Bedtime


April 12th 2021 Today I have a question… Do any of you play golf? I’ve got some friends coming down next Sunday for a round of golf. Cheltenham happens to be equidistant between Bridgend, Llandod, and London, so I don’t actually have to travel at all. That’s good, but it also means that it’s on me to find the course for us. And so, for much of today I’ve been researching golf courses, and, well, now I want to join a golf club. I want a new hobby, and I like golf. I’m even quite good at golf. I’d be … Continue reading Membership


April 11th 2021 Today, on my 343rd day of running 5k every day, here’s a list of reasons why 343 is my favourite number. Fair warning, none of this is going to be interesting to anyone other than me, so feel free to skip this post and check back tomorrow. 343 is the only 3-digit cubic palindrome. This 5k every day thing, has me running 7 days a week, for 3 miles a day. 73 = 343. 343 is a nice Friedman number, meaning it can be expressed in an equation using all its own digits in order, in combination … Continue reading Cubic


April 9th 2021 Today I went on an absolute mission to find some lychee juice. Have you ever heard of that before? Me either. Jamie Oliver says it’s a thing so it must be a thing. I couldn’t find it anywhere in Cheltenham, though that’s maybe because I didn’t look hard enough. Add some vodka. Add some elderflower liquer. Mix in your lychee juice. Shakey shake and you’ve got yourself a cocktail or two. I have no idea what the fruit things were but apparently they’re a thing. Until tomorrow, congratulations, and celebrations. Jacn Continue reading Lychee


April 8th 2021 Today I feel like I’m approaching a point where I’m going to have to start making decisions. And that’s like the worst thing. Just coasting through life avoiding all conflict and discomfort is much easier. But, as I always say: Comfort is danger, stasis is death. And it’s not that I’m standing still, it’s just that I’ve not moved for a while. I’ve like, stopped to tie my shoes, but I’m doing a really thorough job of it. And then just for good measure I decide to untie them, stumble a little bit, and then tie them … Continue reading Decisions