May 4th 2021

Today I used vodka as a mixer. We were on our semi-weekly movie club call, and everyone else was pretty waved and I was beginning to feel pretty left out so I went to get a drink.

In my fridge I had vodka and elderflower liquer leftover from my last cocktail making swag, but I didn’t have any juice to mix it with. For the first drink I just had elderflower liquer over ice, but it tasted so sweet that for the next drink I diluted it with vodka.

That’s definitely an idea. Whether or not it was a good one to be decided. In the end, I was the least waved out of everyone involved, so despite mixing my booze with booze, I came off somewhat alright.

Weirdly, an hour before I did that, I was celebrating my first day without a drink in what feels like two weeks (it feels like two weeks because it is two weeks).

Until tomorrow, it was a good vibe tho.


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