May 17th 2021

Today I ate in to help out. I also drank in to help out. Rishi didn’t pay for it this time though, the dick. It was the first day of relaxed restrictions, so I went out for Tapas. Or, rather, I went in for tapas.

As I tend to do with tapas, I ordered too much and forced it down me instead of ordering a human amount and enjoying it.

I didn’t even finish the dates (top left) and now that I’m led in bed 7 hours later, I’m wishing I had those dates again. They were dates with goats cheese wrapped in jamon.

Also did you know you can get white asparagus (bottom left)? I didn’t. I thought it was green until they wrapped it in jamon (have you noticed the theme yet) and dipped it in blue cheese sauce.

Did you know you can get blue cheese asparagus?

And then I drank in to help out too. I mentioned that already, but yknow, context switching. Here:

Until tomorrow, more dates please.


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