March 11th 2020

Today I upped my culinary game with a little help from some arugula. Sprinkling a little arugula on top of an already completed dish is an easy way to make it look more appetising and professional. See exhibit A:

Usually for breakfast each morning I cook two fried eggs and put them in a toasted sesame seed bagel. Pretty boring, but it does the job. Today I decided to mix it up a bit and spread some Philadelphia cheese on both bagel halves, layered a slice of ham underneath a single fried egg, and garnished with a sprinkle of arugula.

Arugula adds an extra bit of crunch, a little bit of saltiness, but mostly it just makes a dish look cooler. It kinda tastes good, but it’s mainly just there for the aesthetic.

See exhibit B:

For Dinner I had one of those dishes where I kind of just start putting things into a pan and see what comes out at the end of it. I put some spaghetti onto boil and then emptied the contents of my fridge into a frying pan.

I started with chicken, seasoned with chilli flakes and paprika, then added some pancetta when that had begun to brown, then I poured in some diced shallots, and some sliced chestnut mushrooms, and then some garlic, and then it all began to stick to the bottom of the pan so I deglazed it with some red wine.

Usually that’s the point where I’d empty a tin of chopped tomatoes into the dish, but instead I just added some tomato puree and some starchy water from the spaghetti to thicken the sauce, or something. Oh also I added red chillies.

I didn’t drain the water, but pulled the cooked spaghetti out of the water with tongs, and put it straight in a bowl before ladelling some of whatever that sauce was on top. And then, you guessed it, a sprinkle of arugula. And also a grating of parmesan.

Doesn’t the clash of the green against the yellow and red make the dish look cooler? If it was just a slob of sauce on some pasta it would look boring. But the green from the arugula makes the dish pop, or something. Also, parmesan.

Until tomorrow, yes I called it arugula throughout the entire blog just to trigger you.


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