May 18th 2020

Today I gave my flatmate a haircut and successfully did not ruin his life. I actually did what can only be classified as “an okay job”, given the fact that my tools for the trade were his beard trimmer and a headband that I use to keep my fringe out of my face when I run.

We used the headband as kind of quasi-bowl for a kind of quasi-bowl cut with the level one setting on the clippers, and then I blended that bowlcut in with the rest of his hair with the level three setting on the clippers. This is what happened:

Apart from that very obvious short patch just to the left of his right ear, it’s not actually too bad a job. It’s not the worst haircut I’ve ever seen. It’s not even the worst haircut I’ve ever been involved with. One time I left a barbers bleeding from a gash in my forehead.

The good news is, even if I fucked it up massively no one will see it anyway because we’re still in complete lockdown.

Until tomrrow, hence why I was doing it in the first place, obvs.


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