June 29th 2020

Today I knocked a risotto out the fucking park. Though I did just have to Google whether risotto had one or two t’s, so dock me a point for this. And then score me 11 points for this:

Honestly, it’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of love and patience. Instead of trying to nuke the fucker and cook it as quick as you can, take it slow. Put some love into it. Splurge on four different unnecessarily bourgeoisie mushrooms (oyster, king oyster, shiitake, chestnut). Garnish with fresh curled-leaf parsley even though you’ll throw the rest of it away in a few days.

Too often I have a habit of slamming something in the oven at 250 with the impression that it’ll cook it quicker. And maybe that’s true to some definition, but not to most. Sweat the onions and the garlic and by the time you’re done, they’ll be so soft you’ll barely notice they’re there. And then add more garlic because obviously you want to notice the garlic is there.

Bake some salted broccoli in the oven instead of drowning it in a pot. Sprinkle the broccoli with parmesan. While you’re there sprinkle the risotto with parmesan. Add rocket to complete the aesthetic. And then take your time eating it to fully appreciate the love that went into it.

Until tomorrow, and pair it with a nice white wine, for God’s sake.


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