October 30th 2020

Today I got my heart broken by a pizzeria. I decided fairly early on during the day that I wanted to order pizza tonight from Fat Toni’s, which is a notorious pizza place in Cheltenham.

I even went as far as choosing what I wanted to order, and I discussed it with work friends as they helped me choose. I’d really got myself quite excited for it, until this happened…

They were definitely open earlier in the day. I checked. Maybe they had such an influx of orders that they had to stop taking any new ones. Whatever happened, they broke my heart. I’d got myself so worked up at the idea, that when I saw that screen, I just kept refreshing it waiting for the status to change.

It took me a long time to consider ‘maybe I could just get pizza from somewhere else’, because I was so set on getting it from Fat Toni’s.

Alas, eventually, I had to choose somewhere else. The pizza is always good from The Bottle of Sauce, so I ordered that instead. And sure, it was pretty good. N’duja is always good. It just wasn’t Fat Toni’s.

Until tomorrow, it just wasn’t the same.


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