December 7th 2020

Today I’ve stared at my phone for long enough, and nothing is coming out. I have no words to put in this box.

Or in this one.

Or in any box, really.

You can’t see it, but as I’m writing this on the WordPress app, each paragraph is contained by its own box. And nothing I say will fill the box. Not really. I mean, there are words in these boxes, but they’re not real. They’re filler.

They’re words said for the sake of saying words. Just to fill the space.

All the words I could have said have either been said before, or will be left forever unspoken. Now there’s nothing left to say, but so much space to fill.

And the thing is, if I do stop speaking to you — if the words stop — all we’re left with is an infinite blank space where the words should be.

Until tomorrow, I could keep going, but I really should stop.


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