August 16th 2021

Today I was an absolute shell of a human because at 28 I’m now at the age where my hangovers last for two days. I’m also at the age where I forget how I old I am, because I’m actually only 27. Only.

I’m 27 years old and I had a slice of cheesecake for dinner because having a bowl of porridge would have meant having to wait for the microwave to ping and also would’ve meant I had to wash up a bowl. And I couldn’t muster either of those things.

It was a Madagascan vanilla cheesecake, if that makes anything better. No? It doesn’t. Okay. It’s just I thought that maybe it would be slightly more reasonable if it sounded like it was at least a cheesecake from Waitrose or something. Except honestly it’s not. It’s a Tesco cheesecake.

Until tomorrow, I am definitely either 27 or 28.


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