March 8th 2022

Today it seems that I no longer cook myself meals, but instead pay other people to cook them for me. I have done that for at least one, sometimes two, and on one occasion three, meals per day for all of the last five days .

It does not seem like a sustainable practice. I do not have the money to continue doing that, but I also do not have the motivation to cook for myself. Because, when you think about it, either I cook for myself, or someone else cooks for me…

And honestly the latter just seems preferable. Twice a day.

I recently realised that I am ending the month with more money than I used to, and I even more recently realised that that’s because I’ve not being spending as much money on eating out. Apparently in March that has changed. And I now exclusively spend money on eating out.

Until tomorrow, in maybe a week that will literally no longer be possible.


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