April 15th 2020

Today I successfully ate a whole bowl of rice using only a set of chopsticks. That’s about as momentous as my day got. To be fair to me, eating rice with chopsticks is challenging, so it’s definitely worth writing at least like 300 words about, right? Right? Right? 297 more of those and we’ll be there.

I was feeling lazt so I cooked a basic Japanese rice bowl with pork medallions, scallions (using the American word because it rhymes), red chilli, and a sauce/dressing made up of soy, sriracha, Worcercestererhershire, mirin, pureed ginger, and gochujang paste. That’s my new go-to sauce for this kind of dish because you don’t need to cook it at all you just put it in a thing and whizz it up a bit with a fork then pour it over.

And this is what you get:

Oh yeah. And sesame seeds.

Obviously, the pork is easy with chopsticks, the chillis and scallions (no that didn’t rhyme, no I don’t care) are easier because you can kind of hook them on the points. Rice is tricky. I’m okay with chopsticks when eating noodles, but I’ve never before successfully made it through a rice dish without sacrificing the chopsticks for a spoon when you get down to the scrapy scrapy bit towards the end.

When you can just scoop the rice onto the chopsticks it’s easy enough, but it’s the dextrous pincer-like movement required for the individual grains towards the end where the real challenge is.

But I rose to it. What an achievement. Someone call the Guinness Book people. And the Guinness Beer people because this is a cause for celebration.

Until tomorrow, it’s been a slow day.


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