April 25th 2020

Today it was an almost unfairly nice day outside. Far too nice a day to be stuck inside on lockdown. Warm enough that I considered spending £249 on one of those Dyson fans that no one really understands the science behind but somehow it makes the room colder. Actually I need three of them. So £747. I do not have that much money to spend on fans. Maybe instead I can cool myself down with ice cream.

That reminds me. There’s an ice cream in the freezer. Score.

It being the nicest Spring weather I can remember (though maybe that memory is selective) has made lockdown harder. I could have dealt with it if it was raining every day, because then all you want to do is stay inside anyway. But on a day like today I should be on a golf course, and then after that I should be on the clubhouse patio with a beer discussing how the fuck I missed the putt on seventeen.

But instead I stood in the living room of my second floor flat, with the French doors open wide, wondering what fan I should get, and whether we should have got the flat with a balcony instead.

Until tomorrow, I wish we had a balcony.


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