June 6th 2020

Today I had breakfast in bed, leftovers for lunch and for dinner, a run in the rain, and spilled a glass of wine over my desk. It was a mixed bag of a day.

I was supposed to be heading back to Swindon for a BBQ with the family, but the previously mentioned terrible weather prevented that from happening, so I’ll go tomorrow instead.

The rain put a proper downer on my run. For almost the first time during my 34 days streak, I considered not going. I was tired, worn out, lacking energy etc, and it was raining, so I wasn’t feeling particularly enthused, but I managed to get out, and got absolutely drenched in doing so.

On the plus side, there were fewer people out and about today. Who knew that the only thing we needed to stop the spread of coronavirus was a bit of rain?

Then, because by the time I got home from my run it was gone 3, I didn’t eat lunch until gone 4, which meant I didn’t eat dinner until gone 8.

Until tomorrow, the timings of this Saturday were a bit off, but we hit all the high major points.


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