September 29th 2020

Today I’m in desperate need of a new pair of running trainers. For the first time in my now 149-day streak of running 5k every day, my feet are starting to hurt. It’s a dull ache on the soles of both feet which feels almost exactly like what I’d imagine it would feel like if the soles of my trainers were beginning to give way.

Nike, the trainer manufacturing company (among other things), whose goal it is to make you buy trainers (among other things), suggest that each pair of running trainers should be replaced after you’ve done 800 kilometres in them, or, in the imperial system of measurement, that works out as about 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walks a thousand miles to fall down at your door.

Although most of the reason they say that is because, as discussed, they want you to buy new trainers, they also say it because after a while the shoes do start to fall apart.

Ta-da-da-ta! Ta-da-da-ta! Ta-da-da-ta! Ta-da-da-ta!

And that’s the situation I’m in. In these Nike Zoom Winflo 4s I’ve now ran 1364 kilometres, with over half of that coming in the last 5 months.


And so, because that number is only going to increase as I continue to run every day (because that is how the additive operator of mathematics functions), I need to buy some new trainers.

Ta-da-da-ta! Ta-da-da-ta! Ta-da-da-ta! Ta-da-da-ta!

Until tomorrow, ta-da-da-dan-te-la-dan-te-la-dan-te-le-la-da-da.


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