December 10th 2020

Today I fully tested my introverted personality by asking a question to my CEO on a video call in front of 100 people.

Every few months we have a company-wide meeting to analyse and review the last few months, and there’s always a Q&A opportunity.

A few days ago I thought up a question I wanted to ask, and before the All Hands (on deck, I’ve always imagined…) I ran the question by my boss to make sure I wasn’t setting my entire career on fire, because it was pretty incendiary.

She suggested that I send the question to my CEO beforehand, so that he could prepare an answer, rather than being blindsided in the moment. And so I did.

And so, when the question portion of the All Hands meeting came, my CEO called on me to repeat the question I’d already sent him.

Although I back myself in most work-based situations, in this particular one, in front of 100-odd people (it was probably closer to 80) I was naturally nervous to speak. Everyone could see me. Everyone could hear me. And my question was incendiary.

I’m glad I asked it, though, because it needed to be said. Basically, I feel like any time our department tries to get support from any other department, we’re met with pushback and negativity instead of support and encouragement. My question was to ask how Simon, our ceo, plans to change the culture so that departments work together instead of against each other.

He answered, but he didn’t answer. I’m going to have to go back for a proper answer, but I wasn’t going to ask for a further explanation under those circumstances.


Until tomorrow, I could have swallowed my heartbeat.


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