May 21st 2022

Today I had a much needed “day where I do nothing and don’t leave the house” day. I still managed to spend £500 though. Sam and I booked the courses we’re going to be playing when we go on our somewhat-annual-Cardiff-Uni-maths-boys-golf-holiday-reunion trip next month.

I needed a lazy day today because with that trip upcoming, and the fact I’ve just bought a house, I should probably not be spending any money on things that don’t help me stay alive. Like food, or water, or gyoza. You know, the three basic human golf.

I’m hoping that the people who are about to give me a mortgage don’t look at the fact that I literally spent £2000 on my card today on golf courses (The other four transferred me the money) and think badly of me.

Come to think of it, they probably will.

Until tomorrow, oops.


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