April 18th 2020

Today, dare I say it, I actually quite enjoyed drinking a bottle of wine. No, you have a drinking problem! In my defence, I only drank most of the bottle because 200ml of it was required for the mushroom sauce I made to accompany my pork.

So really I only drank like 800ml of a bottle of wine. It was a Mud House New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, I think (I checked) and it was, like, okay actually. If I had beer in the flat, I would have drank that, but I didn’t, so I drank the Mud.

Wine drunk makes me want to dance, which is weird. So I had a little rave to some hard house with my headphones on. Like a silent disco except it’s just me and the Mud.

Until tomorrow, I feel like Sauvignon Blanc and house music aren’t a natural fit, but I made it work.


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