July 28th 2021

Today I almost went for a run. And by that I mean, I was invited to go for one but chose not to. Still, that’s progress. I considered it for at least 3 seconds before deciding not to go. But I took ten minutes to reply to the message just to give the appearance of seriously considering it.

I’ll get there. The jo will return to my mo. I just don’t do things by halfs. I either don’t do anything at all (pros: preferable most of the time, no effort. cons: kinda depressing) or go full on into something (pros: consistency, cons: missing a day is kinda depressing)

An odd run here or there isn’t really doing anything for me. I need to be super unhealthy in my training regime or will remain uninterested, apparently.

Still, I somehow don’t put on weight even though I’m eating like shit at the moment too.

Until tomorrow, do something about it it, James.


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