October 7th 2021

Today I don’t understand why people even bother with main courses. Starters are where it’s at. why get one main when you can get 5 starters?

Why eat one dish when you can eat five?

You know it makes sense.

Mostly, instead of two mains, we’ll order 6-7 starters/sides. On this occasion it was 7 sides from 2 cuisines. We invented an American-Indian fusion dining experience by ordering a takeaway from two different places.

Truffle fries. Fish pekora. Buffalo wings. Garlic chilli momo dumplings. Mad and cheese balls. Chickpea and pomegranate chaat. Korean chicken strips.

Did it make any sense as a combination of food? No.

Does that matter? Also no.

Until tomorrow, it’s far more interesting that just ordering a Korma, innit?


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