June 22nd 2021

Today it’s weird because I can feel this bug I’ve got moving through it’s stages.

There was the shivers stage that came and went after a particularly rough night sleep. There was the dizziness stage which made me lose my running streak. There was the toilet stage which, well, let’s not. There was the loss of appetite stage which I guess made sense. Then there was the headache stage, and now I’m in the “is this done now?” stage.

I guess I should be thankful that all of those things have come in phases instead of all at once, because the combination of all of those things would’ve just made me a bit of a mess really. That said, if I’d just had like a really bad couple of hours during Sunday night where I was shivering and throwing up and headachey all at once, then maybe I could’ve recovered in time to run yesterday.

I think I’m about an eight hour sleep from being back to normal.

Until tomorrow, on that note.


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